New Mexico Girls Make Movies is a free state-wide program that provides education and job training to New Mexico girls and young women ages 12 – 25. Through filmmaking programs, grants, workshops, internships, set placement, and networking, we empower young women in New Mexico to create their own opportunities in the film and television industries and make their creative dreams a reality.

Through our film production and workshop series, we have provided education and job training to over fifty young women and will double that number by the end of 2018-2019 school year. Our outreach efforts have generated interest among public and private schools and we will continue to expand our workshops into more schools and communities throughout the state.  With extensive radio, television, and press placements as well as our platform on the web and social media, NMGMM has reached thousands of young women across New Mexico. We embrace feedback from our Mentees to improve our programs and better serve their needs and interests. All of our programs are completely free to participants and our Mentees retain ownership of their creative work.

New Mexico Girls Make Movies is honored to be the New Mexico Women in Film 2018 Sage Award Winner for our contribution to the training and empowerment of young women seeking careers in the film industry.

What We've Achieved

  • State-wide Screenwriting Competition with Shooting Stars at the Governor's Mansion Gala and Staged Reading for Finalists.

  • Production of the short film Bottled Up. Professional Mentors trained our NMGMM Mentees (Finalists from the Screenwriting Competition) in their area of interest. First all-female crew in New Mexico history.

  • Premiere of Bottled Up at the 2018 Santa Fe Film Festival attended by the community, our Finalists, and Mentors.

  • Panel Discussion at the Santa Fe Film Festival entitled: NMGMM: Empowering Women in the New Mexico Film Industry featuring our Judges and Mentees.

  • Screenwriting/Directing Workshops at Capitol High School, Santa Fe, NM, Santa Fe University of Art and Design and UNM Taos. The workshops served young women from over twenty-five elementary, middle, and high schools as well as universities and colleges throughout the state.

  • Production Assistant Training Workshops, including the recent weekend workshop at Public Academy for the Performing Arts, provide free job training and access to jobs in the NM film and television industries.

  • Internships for our Mentees to work as Production Assistants in various departments on sets in New Mexico. Recent placements include the Disney film, Stargirl, directed by Julia Hart, the Lifetime movie, Deadly Desert Vacation, directed by Tamar Halpern and the television pilot, Blackdom, directed by Kaaren Ochoa.

  • Partnership with New Mexico Women in Film for our NMGMM Mentees to work as interns on their upcoming PSA shoot.

  • Vast network among our Mentees, Mentors, and Alums provide jobs and ongoing education opportunities. Recent events include a free screening of the documentary film, RBG.


•  Five free workshops for the 2018-2019 school year offered in the following cities:   Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Gallup, Taos, and Espanola. 

•  A Production Assistant Training Program (PATP) to offer real-world education to young women ready to enter the professional film industry.

•  Individualized film production education services with professional female mentors in areas such as screenplay revision, budgeting, and editing for young female directors and producers who are ready to helm their own short films. These services will be offered on-site and via Skype.

•  Network and social media expansion to connect NMGMM Mentees and facilitate and publicize their creative projects.

•  Internships and Production Assistant Job Placement for our program graduates on professional film and television sets throughout New Mexico.