With its skilled crews, unbeatable locations, and attractive tax incentives, the New Mexico Film industry continues to thrive. Despite this success, women are underrepresented in all areas and have few access points to gain necessary experience.

We see a future where New Mexican women make up half of the employees in our industry and can support their families through their creative work. By training young women and girls as early as twelve years old, by capturing their interest early, and offering concrete means to advance, New Mexico Girls Make Movies is poised to help make that future real for a new generation of women in New Mexico.

Perhaps more importantly, New Mexico Girls Make Movies helps young women give voice to their stories and find value in their life experiences. Through storytelling, these young women can discover empowerment, healing, and confidence in all aspects of their lives, regardless of whether they ultimately pursue a career in film. With their new skills, NMGMM Mentees can become leaders for their families, schools, and communities. Join us and help New Mexico Girls Make Movies make dreams come true.


Your donation allows us to support our Mentees and expand our reach into more communities throughout New Mexico. Help give a young woman life-changing access to the film community.

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